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Friday Focus for 20th September 15th Sunday after Trinity, including links for Sunday's service.

Friday Focus 15th Sunday after Trinity 20/09/20

Edited by Revd Chris Probert Replies please to [email protected]

Readings for our services this week (v = Virey, g = Gratot)

Jonah 3, v10 - 4, v11: Jonah is fed up with God because God has been merciful to Nineveh! g

Psalm 145, vv1-8: Praise God's wonderful acts v

Philippians 1, vv21-end: Paul praises God for the blessings of new life in Christ v

Matthew 20, vv1-16: A The parable of the labourers in the vineyard v g

This Sunday:

11h00 Holy Eucharist at Gratot

Reminder: If you have not asked to be on the weekly list, you need to inform Donna please, by telephone (leave a message if no answer), or by email to [email protected] if you are coming to this service.

Order of Service: This will be the Holy Eucharist service sheet we have been using each Sunday recently: a copy is attached.

Livestream: we are going to make an effort to livestream by borrowing Chris's 4G modem system to see whether it will work in Gratot Church. Usual instructions (and cautions!) apply....!

• Go to YouTube on your computer:

• In the YouTube search bar, type Christ Church at Gratot.

• If in difficulty, use this link

• This will take you to our channel page, where the live video will/should/may (delete as appropriate!) miraculously appear from nowhere at 10h55.

• Afterwards it will stay online until the end of the week. Don't forget - you should be able to turn on subtitles if you can't hear, but these may only work listening to the recorded version afterwards.

** Following a recent slight relaxation in the regulations, we are pleased to announce that there will now be coffee in the Salle after services from this Sunday. Please bring your own cup and takeit home again to washup.

16h30 for 17h00 Virey Church meets at La Banciere, Isigny for Evening Prayer

Roger, the host, writes: We hope it can be held in the garden but as rain and thunderstorms are forecast we may have to move into the house. In which case, in order to comply, numbers are limited to twenty. If you would like to attend please reply to me asap.Usual rules apply, bring your own chairs and drinking vessel. Masks will be worn. A copy of the order of service, is attached to the page on the Virey web site. Please print your copy to bring with you.Thank you.

6 Impasse les Foretries, La Banciere, 50540 Isigny le Buat. 02 33 58 93 46

Next Sunday is TRINITY 16

11h00 Morning Prayer and Chaplaincy AGM in Gratot Church

The aim is to complete a brief service and the meeting and to be on our way home by 12 noon or shortly after.

(The Church Council will meet briefly at the end of the AGM to elect officers and set a date for a full meeting.)

Please note: We need to know in advance that you will be attending: please book your place in church by informing Donna, by telephone 02 33 17 19 52 (leave a message if no answer), or by email to [email protected]

David and Mary Jackson will kindly record a podcast service for those not attending the service and AGM.

Chaplaincy Annual Meeting

Nominations are now urgently needed for Churchwarden (MUST be prior to the actual meeting), and for Church Council members, please. Papers relating to the meeting will be circulated: please note that Any Other Business items must be notified in advance to the secretary.

Our Officers and Church Council bear a great responsibility leading our Chaplaincy in these difficult times - we need all who care about our future to support them and work with them: attending the Annual Meeting is one simple way to demonstrate your support!

Moving on

News comes as we go to press that Archdeacon of France Meurig Williams has accepted a post as Rector of a group of parishes based in Mallow, County Cork (in the Church of Ireland). He expects to move at the end of the year: the Diocese is now advertising the job of Archdeacon of France to be a full-time role, with a new appointee presumably taking up the role early in 2021. We wish Meurig joy and rich blessings as he prepares to return to parish ministry.

Please pray for our Church

Lord Jesus Christ,

thank you for calling us to be a Church under the banner of your Name:

may we look to you today

and find clear vision for tomorrow.

May our life together bring you glory,

as you make of us a living invitation

to enter the joy of your Kingdom. Amen.

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