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Of the Church ... By the Church! Lent Course 2021

'Of the Church ... By the Church' How did our patterns of Christian worship develop, and which of them are useful today?

Fr Chris writes:

Thank you for your interesting responses to session 2. This week we move in a different direction, thinking about what we know about how the earliest Christians worshipped. We have lots of questions: unfortunately we don't have quite as many answers!

The video and handout for the current week will be provided on this page

1 What do we think we are doing?    What does the word 'worship' mean? ....Worship as the Bible sees it ...The idea of the 'holy'

2 Bringing it – together!    The elements of worship ... how do we participate? ...      

3 Look for the start of the thread. How the earliest Christians worshipped ... what do we actually know? Unanswered questions since the very beginning! - this week's session

4 Like a river flowing.  The developing streams of the worship tradition .... how and why worship changes ... and who decides when it needs to change?

5 Unpeeling the onion! Exploring the Eucharist/Mass/Holy Communion service - peeling back the layers of the service we know so well.

6 A place for God's people? Places of worship - what they mean, how they developed, what are they for? Do we shape them, or do they shape us?

Format: each week we will publish a video talk on YouTube, with a printed handout to read. The handout will include points for discussion/reflection.

Revd Chris Probert has written courses on Liturgy and Worship for, and has taught this subject to, clergy and Readers in training since 1986. He has specialised interests in the Daily Office, and in the structure and development of the Roman Canon (the ancient Eucharistic Prayer dating from the 4th century)

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