Virey Church - The Future

Editorial note: our smaller congregation in the south of la Manche has worshipped in a number of locations since it began. The current building at Virey has been less than ideal for our needs for a couple of years, so we are exploring the best way forward.

Penny Feather, Deputy Warden at Virey, has been facilitating the discussion: this is her report on progress up to February 2021.

Sixteen regular congregants were questioned about their thoughts on the future of Virey Church.

There was a general wish to remain within the orbit of Christ Church Chaplaincy, but it was felt that the Virey Church building itself was no longer suitable for the future needs of our small regular group - i.e. practically, financially or for the physical involvement needed to hold regular services.

The renting of a private room was considered a possibility by several, but nearly all regarded worship in a Church as preferable. It would have to be a building suitable for our needs, welcoming, warm and comfortable, (toilets available), coupled with the facility for fellowship outside services. (It could possibly be a chapel within a larger church).

Some Proposals: -

A mid-week house fellowship group has been suggested, especially during the next few months, as a means to enable us all to stay in contact before regular worship conditions can be restored.

(Note of caution – Check Covid restrictions on travel and numbers allowed at a home gathering. Gratot Church Services have just been discontinued because of worries over safety and the need not to travel about too much.)

Two members have become involved with the vibrant Anglo-French community in their village, and we might be allowed to use a chapel within that village church. The suggestion is that they are asked to investigate this possibility further on our behalf.

Consideration should be given to renewing the agreement on Virey Church for one more year (at a cost of 200 Euros) – especially if this assists us in obtaining help to find a more suitable church.