Church of England Diocese in Europe

Sunday worship - the road back to 'normal'

The gradual lifing of COVID restrictions as more people receive vaccinations is helping is to plan towards a more 'normal' pattern of activity.

This is the plan for July, subject to available resources and to any changes in the situation.

Christ Church at Gratot: Hommeel: 11am each Sunday (Eucharist on the 4th and 18th)

Christ Church at Virey: 5pm on the second and fourth Sundays (Eucharist on the 11th)

COVID rules and precautions continue to apply until withdrawn, so worshippers still concerned about infection risk may attend with full confidence and feel safe. Booking to attend services remains essential.

These are the plans as they stand: for the latest information please make sure you are on the circulation list for 'Friday Focus', or contact one of the ministers for advice.