Church of England Diocese of Southwark St. Bartholomew, Sydenham


As restrictions are lifted we look forward to being able to do more in our worship and Parish life.  At the same time we want to ensure that everyone who wants to can attend our services and feel safe doing so.  Changes will therefore happen gradually and some measures will remain in place for now.

We remember Jesus' words "love your neighbour" and must respect and care for those who are vulnerable or anxious; we may have greater freedom, but we shouldn't use it in ways that risk harm to others.

It should also be noted that if the situation changes we will bring measures back if necessary to protect our congregations and community. And if you are anxious about the lifting of restrictions, the NHS has some great tips to help you cope.

Our plans at St Bartholomew's Church

*  Track and trace / registration will remain in place

*  Hand sanitizer will remain at the entrance and at the door to the toilets

*  We strongly urge everyone to wear face coverings when in the building

*  We will not be passing a collection plate for the time being.  You are instead encouraged to make your offering as you enter

*  We can now allow attendance up to full capacity.  However we will continue to have a few pews closed off and some chairs at the back spaced for those who prefer to remain socially distanced

*  the Sunday 08:00 Holy Communion now takes place again in the Memorial Chapel

*  If you wish to shake hands at the Peace you may, however we will remain in our places and greet those closest to us.  And please respect the wishes of those who do not want to shake hands

*  Wine at Holy Communion is now included at the Sunday 08:00 and Wednesday evening Holy Communion.  (At the Sunday 10:00 Parish Eucharist the wine will be reintroduced on the first Sunday in September).  Please note that if you do not wish to receive the wine at Holy Communion you do not have to

*  Some simple congregational singing is included at the Sunday 10:00 Parish Eucharist - the Gloria, Sanctus etc., but not yet hymns.  We are strongly encouraged to wear face coverings while we sing

* Following a successful trial, refreshments are again being served following the 10:00 Parish Eucharist most weeks. Please follow the one way system through the hall and make good use of the space in the church, hall and outside to enjoy the refreshments and fellowship. If you could help with serving refreshments please speak to Jayne or Violet

From the first Sunday in September...

*  Congregational singing, including hymns will be fully reintroduced at the Sunday 10:00 Parish Eucharist.  We are strongly encouraged to wear face coverings while we sing

*  Wine at Holy Communion will be reintroduced at the Sunday 10:00 Parish Eucharist. Please note that if you do not wish to receive the wine at Holy Communion you do not have to

*  Prayer for Wholeness & Healing will return in place of the Wednesday evening Holy Communion on the first Wednesday of each month

*  The first Sunday in September will be a 'Day of Renewal' with hymn singing at the 10:00 Parish Eucharist and a Parish Lunch

Autumn and beyond...

*  Many other aspects of Parish life will begin from September and into the Autumn as it seems safe to do so and as people are available to organise them, including Sunday breakfasts, Cafe Church, social activities, study groups etc.