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Parts 5 & 6 - Unfortunately the Storyteller has recently suffered back problems which has meant we have been unable to film the last two parts of the series as intended.  As soon as they are recovered we will complete the series and upload the stories here - hopefully not too long after Easter.


A series of reflective 'Godly Play' stories exploring some of the key themes of our faith. 

Suitable for children, adults or families together, filmed recordings of the stories will be uploaded from time to time throughout Lent to our YouTube channel.  A message will be posted on the 'News and notices' page, and on our Facebook page when new stories are available.

The most recent story can be viewed here, or we have a YouTube playlist with all the stories so far.

The link below has notes with suggestions for further reflection and activities.  It is recommended to read the notes AFTER watching the story!

If possible, it can help to find a reasonably quiet and calm place to watch the stories.  The stories range between 4 and 15 minute long.

'Godly Play' and the story scripts © Jerome W. Berryman / Godly Play Foundation

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