Building Project

St Mary's was built in 1958 to serve the growing housing estates being built around it.  It was built as a dual purpose building - one that could be used by the community during the week and be used as a church on Sundays.

This is how we still function sixty years later, but our building is getting more than a little tired and it layout, which has always caused problems, inhibits our ability to do work in our community.

We have a building project that aims to:-

*    Make our building more accessible

*    Create a foyer, so that people can wait in the building rather than outside

*    Enlarge our kitchen

*    Increase the provision of toilets

*    Enlarge our disabled toilet

*    Provide a church office at the front of the building

*    Renew our flat roofs and install insulation in them

*    Provide sufficient storage for the work that we do

This work will cost around £250,000 and we're hoping for it to be undertaken in 2022.