Facilities and features



One Disabled parking-space; limited on-road parking

Accessible for the Disabled

Awareness would trigger help if necessary

One Disabled space and limited on road-parking outside the Hall

And no steps

Has not been required, but happy to consider if necessary

Will consider, if requested

Assistance Dogs

If required

If required

Our Building

Music and Worship

Yes, occasional recitals and live music at services


Groups, Courses and Activities

Not currently, but Watch This Space!

Alternate Tuesday mornings; also operates within house groups; Lent courses prior to Easter; contact Church Office for further information

Previous courses run by the church

See posters for details - regularly held by a variety of groups

Venue for various local associations

Venue for various local associations

Courses previously run

Available if necessary

Courses previously run

[We employ a number of people]

Village activity, not run by the church

NB run by a church member at Pinhoe Church School

Clubs in the village, not run by the church

Run by Dolphins, not by the church

The church supports local charities. St Petrock's, Exeter Food Bank

Run locally, not by the church

Available if needed

Pinhoe Angels held monthly at the Hall Church

Several local clubs in the village, often held in the Hall Church

Lent courses run prior to Easter

Voluntary group

Help for Visitors

Coffee mornings, held monthly

Only by prior arrangement

Other Features

Not on site, but we support the local food bank

By arrangement only

[Major development currently on going within the parish]

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