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5 May 2020, 5 p.m.
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Hello lovely families,

it kind of says it all that I can't think which week on lockdown that we are on!!

I hope that you are all doing okay juggling all the various aspects of this long 'new normal', even as we are being asked to look ahead to how we may manage the other 'new normal' as parts of the lockdown are eased.

If you are like me, you will be digging deep into your resilience reserves; whilst also, when the moments of grace break through, be able to notice the small amazing things about your kids that in the hustle of regular life might go unnoticed: the funny and insightful quips; the little kindnesses; the creativity that speaks volumes of truth about their inner and outer lives.

Kids can challenge us greatly and they can reveal to us much about 'the way, the truth and the life'; it's about paying close attention to what they are telling and showing us.

On Sunday next the Gospel has that famous saying of Jesus right in the middle - 'the way, the truth and the life'; and it is set alongside the end of the Noah's ark story, where God sets a covenant rainbow in the sky, promising to love all of creation, all of humanity, forever.

I am mindful that rainbows are a big part of our national symbol base at the moment, with many children putting rainbow pictures in their windows.

I would like to link this into our Sunday service next, and wondered if you could either talk about existing rainbows the children have done, or paint new ones with them, and ask them what those rainbows mean to them?

Let's listen to what our children are showing and telling us, not just in households but in community too.

If you could send me their rainbow stories; pictures of their rainbows, or even if there were any households that would be willing to show their rainbows and tell us about what they mean to them during the service, that would be fantastic.

Thank you so much.

A big part of looking forward is to create a life in all its fullness for our children; to forge the pathways that will enable them to meet their potential, and to be marked out by integrity and truth so that we can support and ground them for always.

That's a job for us all as church, as community, not just yourselves as parents and grandparents.

Know you are in my heart and prayers,


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