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30 Apr 2020, 9 a.m.
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Hi all,

Another week and I am saying thank you for small mercies - at least the sun and light brings some lifting; can you imagine if it had poured with rain for a month, it would have been a different story again.

I really hope you are all keeping well and safe, and that the kids are well too.

Remember to be kind to yourself and kind to your kids; no one's saying saintly, just even the occasional kindness goes a long way.

The team at kids matter have worked hard to put some resources out that can support us all and I have put the link straight to their web page below. It really is worth taking a look. It starts with a 14 days of fun (they are aiming high!! 😆) suggestion list, and then goes on to cover topics such as conflict and screen time, as well as grounding us again in wisdom of the love languages, routines and rewards. It really is worth taking five to check it out.

And again, if you need any help, support, signposting or a listening ear, I am here for you.

Click here for Kids Matter resources

sending you lots of love,

Louise x

30th April - A further update

hi all,

Another week, and there is a rhythm settling.

Who knows how long we will be living to this 'new normal', so I really hope that the routines you have been able to put in place as we all adapt are serving you well.

Howard, who supports Merry and I from behaviour intervention services, has a mantra of 'firm on principle, flexible on approach', which I like a lot. Gives permission to be responsive rather than rigid, whilst also putting in some good structure to the day and sense of order and balance throughout the week. Well, that's the aim!

Be kind to yourself, and your kids, that's another good one to run alongside 😊

I thought I would pass on this link to you this week that came to my inbox from China Blue, which is a pottery painting place in Totnes. I thought there were some lovely ideas in it, including stuff that enable kids to express their emotions in different ways, not just words.

Mindfulness Link Here

Also to say that I was chatting to Jude from Kids Matter, who is my supervisor at the moment, and she said if we wanted to try a Kids Matter programme using zoom meetings, then to go for it.

If any of you would like to repeat the programme, or know of any others who would like to try it, please do let me know.

Interestingly she said that in some areas where they have been trialling it online, some people who find it hard to come out of the house and cross a threshold are finding it easier to tune in online.

If we did give it a go, the sessions would be an hour long, not the regular two hour ones like we have when doing it in the timber chalet at the school.

And again, always remember that I am here if you just need a chat or support, anything really, and I keep you very much in my heart and thoughts and prayers.