Daily Reflections

Monday 5th June

Wonderful hymn - let it ripple through the start of your season of devotion to the to the Trinity:

Holy Holy Holy


Tuesday 6th June

Wonderful icon - Rublev painted it inspired by the Old Testament story of the angels appearing to Abraham, who with Sarah offered hospitality by the oaks of Mamre. However, it is widely interpreted as an image of the Trinity


Wednesday 7th June

Having watched a few short videos that set out the theology of the Trinity, I settled on this one, as it uses a musical analogy so well, and one which I thought would appeal to this mission community with its strong tradition of music.


Thursday 8th June

This week has seen a dive into reflecting upon the iconography and the theology of the Trinity.

However, this is not just for the purpose of having a cerebral understanding.

One of the greatest gifts of the Trinity is to show us that the very essence of God is love in relationship, and as we are created in the image of God, our original blessing and our deepest call is to live out lives of love, in relationship, in community.

The aptly named Trinity church, Wall Street offer a beautiful meditation here on love in action, and further, five different ways of entering this truth.