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12 Jun 2020, noon
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Friday 12th June

A little bit of humour from The Church Times - 

Tuesday 9th June

He (Bob Geldof) is a lot like St Vincent de Paul, who could have had a great career in the church but chose to do Christ's work instead.

Clive James, social commentator.


Dear Earth,

     Here is man.



                    P.S. Here is woman.

Gordon Bailey


God has put me on earth to accomplish a certain number of things. Right now, I'm so far behind I will never die.

Woody Allen


Wednesday 27th May

look at the attachment at the bottom of the page. It comes from Revd Juliet Horwood.


Friday 22nd May

From Revd Juliet Horwood

Psalm 23 – an interpretation

This I know:

My life is in Your hands,

I have nothing to fear.

I stop,



Beneath the whirl of what is,

is a deep-down quiet place.

You beckon me to tarry there.

This is the place

where unnamed hungers

are fed, the place

of clear water,

of refreshment.

My senses stilled,

I drink deeply

at home

in timeless territory.

In peril, I remember:

Death’s dark vale holds no menace.

I lean into you;

Your eternal presence comforts me.

I am held tenderly.

In the midst of all that troubles,

that threatens and diminishes,

You set abundance before me.

You lift my head; my vision clears.

The blessing cup overflows.

This I know:

You are my home and my hope,

my strength and my solace

and so shall You ever be.

This is an interpretation of Psalm 23 by Carla A Gross-Miller. 

Her book is Psalms Redux: Poems and Prayers published by Canterbury Press UK.