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Family News - January 23rd

23 Jan 2021, 5 p.m.
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hello all,

as we have turned the page into the new year, I imagine that many of you, us, are finding January very hard going.

In December, even though the wave was growing and knowledge of the new variant emerging, there was still the new optimism around the incredible achievement of vaccine production, let alone discovery, in less than a year.

Of course, that optimism remains as the NHS pulls out the stops to vaccinate en masse whilst also dealing with the biggest crisis in its history. Pause in a moment of respect, deep respect, for everyone who works in health and social care, and all associated logistics...

Respect, honour and a pay rise are due to you all.

Saying all that, we find ourselves in a stricter lockdown than November, and alarming, distressing news to process through our daily media.

My heart is with everyone who is working with that distress first hand, either professionally or through direct experience.

And as parents we are holding our children, and guiding them, through new unchartered waters with respect to their education, social needs and development, and their mental and spiritual health and wellbeing. It is a tall order and my hope for you all is that each day there is a moment, at least, of kindness and generosity that is yours alone that strengthens you for the task.

For church provision, we are mostly locked down in the physical church. There has been a short messy church support group meeting on monday mornings whilst I have been on leave, acknowledging that those with babies and infants fall into a category of most need of support.

That will continue for this week coming, and then we may move this into another rotation of the Kids Matter programme the following week.

I need to talk to my COVID safety group about that, and also whether to move having both Kids Matter and resume the mini messy church support group on Thursdays.

For the rest of the children, I have cc a link to the Bible society site that we are following as a whole church community for the next few weeks. The Bible society has responded to church community's need to ask the big questions that are there all the time, but are pressing hard during this pandemic - questions around meaning, freedom, love, hope.

If you scroll to the bottom of the page, you will see links to resources that correspond to your child's age. The assumption is that these resources will be used in a group setting, but you can just as easily use them in your home setting.

If there is anything else at all that I can do to support you during these dark winter months, please don't hesitate to say.

It was wonderful to see so many of you at Christingle and on the Nativity trail over Christmas, and I hope for a time in the summer when maybe we can picnic on the beach together, mirroring the resurrection picnics Jesus had with his friends after the dark time of Good Friday Calvary. It may be that we will still have to socially distance, but we can at least let the sun shine on our faces then, together.

with lots of love, Louise x

Bible Society Link Click Here