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Thoughts for Easter Sunday 12th April 2020

10 Apr 2020, 12:15 a.m.
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Thoughts for Easter Sunday, April 2020 by Janet Collins

Matthew ch 28 vv1=10

Have you ever wondered how many Easter eggs will be consumed on Easter Morning?

Here are a few interesting facts that may have passed you by….

Each child in the UK receives an average of 8.8 eggs each year; the equivalent of twice their recommended weekly calorie intake.

Each household spends an average of £75 on Easter treats each year.

43% of children say they eat their first Easter egg even before Easter day and the average time for them to eat their egg on Easter Sunday Morning is 11am.

A time of celebration and a time of giving. But whilst many families can and do make the point of Christmas giving……Jesus given to us as a gift; the gifts of the Wise men. The link of gifts and Easter is often lost in the coating of chocolate which we all love.

From our reading this morning we have 3 tangible and lasting gifts that Jesus’s resurrection offers us.

1) The gift of freedom from fear. When the women arrived at the tomb they were greeted by an angel rolling away the stone at the entrance to the tomb. The brave Roman soldiers shook with fear but the women hear the words, “do not be afraid” and later these same words are spoken to the Disciples as they meet Jesus face to face.

On these special family days, like today, it is often easy to forget our fears. Not quite so simple this year as families are separated and we all face an uncertain future. We have lost our certainty, our lives are being controlled by an unseen virus, our imaginations can lead us to disturbing places. Yet the risen Jesus speaks to us through all our worries and says “do not be afraid” believe and trust in Him with confidence.

2) The gift of Peace.

The sign of Jesus’s death was accompanied by violent happenings. The curtain in the Temple was ripped in two. The sky went dark. The earth shook. His presence in that locked room brought peace to those faithful few as he simply gives them his greeting of love. There was a new hope kindled as his promises were fulfilled. We share that peace in church spreading not a harmful virus but the joy of knowing Jesus’s love for each of us and a real desire to spread that amongst others.

3) A message to be shared. The angel says” go quickly and tell….” We are quick enough to share our Good news with others. There will be, no doubt, great celebrations when this epidemic is finally over. Why is it then that we hold back on telling others of our beliefs and faith in all that God has done for us? Our churches will only grow if we each play our part in sharing the Good news of Easter; just as our nation’s physical health will improve as we each learn more about virus that is spreading at this present time. Our faith nourishes and sustains us and we are all called to share that faith with others. Even those early Disciples who had physically walked with Jesus couldn’t believe that He would rise from the dead. But He did. God keeps his promises ;then and now .So go forward with confidence , unafraid and with peace in your hearts and be ready to share this Good news with those that you meet on your journey of life.