Church of England Diocese of Exeter East Allington

Summer Fete

(The following activity is suspended until further notice due to the Covid 19 pandemic)

One of the main events of the year for your diary is our Summer Fete, held on the first Saturday in July every year.

Sadly. due to the Covid 19 pandemic, we were unable to hold our fete in 2020.

It has been hugely disappointing not to hold this popular family event that so many come and enjoy, and so generously support. Our fete normally raises £2500.00 for our church that pays for our annual insurance.

Also, with the closure of all paces of worship. we have not been able to take service collections.

However, challenges produce solutions and we have recently added a "GIVE NOW" button to this web site.(SEE FRONT PAGE) It's easy and it's quick. Please help us to carry on the work of St Andrew's and with the upkeep of our beautiful historic church and grounds.

Thank you!

PS if you are a UK tax payer please ensure the "Gift Aid" section is completed, again, it's easy and quick to do. This enables your kind donation to increase by 25% courtesy of the Taxman!