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General Knowledge Quizzes supporting

St Andrew's Church East Allington

In common with all churches, St Andrew's - where Carole and I help in the role of treasurers - has lost nearly all its income this year from fund raising events and service collections, due to Covid 19; and this won't get better over the winter.

So, we are doing our best to do things to raise at least some funds, whist observing all the safety measures.

I am therefore running three quizzes over the next few months that can be entered by email OR post.

Entry fee is only £2.00 per quiz or £5.00 for all three.

There is a sponsored prize to the winner of each quiz of £10.00 so ALL entry fees go to our church.

If you would like to participate, please email me [email protected] OR ring me on 01548 521036. The closing date for the first quiz when anser sheets must be back to me  is 15th October 2020

Thank you in advance, for your kind support. 

Charlie Edgeler Hon Treasurer PCC of East Allington