Church of England Diocese of Exeter West Alvington

Annual Report and Financial Statements for the year ended 31 December 2020

All Saints Church West Alvington  Annual Report Year ended 31st December 2020

1) Reference and Administrative information

Name: All Saints Church, West Alvington. On 1 September 2015 this church joined with St Edmund, King and Martyr, Kingsbridge and St Thomas of Canterbury, Dodbrooke to legally form The United Benefice of Kingsbridge, Dodbrooke and West Alvington. In 2019 the Benefice was given permission to be known as “The Kingsbridge Estuary Churches Mission Community”

The PCC is a body corporate (PCC Powers Measure 1956 and the Church Representation Rules 2006) and a Charity excepted from registration with the Charity Commission.

Parochial Church Council (PCC) Membership:

Revd Prebendary J M Taylor (Chairperson)

Revd M Gorton (Curate)

Ms E Chin

Mrs J Lapthorn (Deanery Synod Member)

Mr W J Lapthorn (Joint Treasurer)

Mrs K O Lawrence (Deanery Synod Member)

Mr M C Manisty (Resigned 8th October 2020)

Mrs S M Norsworthy (Vice Chairperson appointed 8th October 2020)

Mrs V H Oatley (Vice Chairperson resigned 8th October 2020)

Mr K A Steer (Churchwarden & Joint Treasurer)

Mrs J B Walster (Churchwarden and Secretary)

Mr J J W Walster

Mrs P A Wyatt

Mr T P Wyatt


Lloyds The CBF Church of England Deposit Fund

65 Fore Street 80 Cheapside

Kingsbridge London

Devon EC2V 6DZ


Independent Examiner:

Mr A J Babbage, 63 West Hoe Road, Plymouth, Devon, PL1 3BH

2) Structure, governance and management

The method of appointment of PCC members is set out in the Church Representation Rules. The Council comprises the Rector, the Churchwardens, those elected to the Deanery Synod, and other members who are elected at the Annual Parochial Church Meeting, by those on the Electoral Roll. Members of the congregation are always urged to join the Electoral Roll, and to stand for election to the PCC.

The PCC members are responsible for making decisions on all matters of general concern and importance in the Ecclesiastical Parish, and for all financial matters. The full PCC met three times during the year, with an average level of attendance of 78%.

The only committee operated by the PCC is a Standing Committee, consisting of The Chairperson, Churchwardens, Treasurers and Secretary. This is the only committee required by law and has power to transact the business of the PCC between the full meetings, subject to any directions given by the full council.

Connected Charities:

The Church Lands Charity is a Restricted Fund for the maintenance and upkeep of the Parish Church (Registered number 205310). The Prebendary and Churchwardens are Trustees.

Achievements and Performance:

3) Worship and Prayer

The Diocesan priorities: Growing in prayer, Making Disciples and Serving the people of Devon with joy continue to be our aim through the range of activities offered across the benefice and therefore in the life of All Saints. The PCC is keen to offer a breadth of services and when this was possible at the beginning of the year this ranged from the BCP bi-monthly Parish Eucharist, monthly said Eucharist and Matins to the bi-monthly Common Worship Eucharist and all age accessible Village Praise. Celtic Prayer was also offered once a month, led by a Reader from a neighbouring Mission Community. The PCC is keen to encourage the creativity of the lay ministry of our benefice Reader and those members who have faithfully led over many years. As a Mission Community we also draw on the richness of worship and prayer of other denominations when we join together in Churches Gathering Kingsbridge services and events. Whilst due to the pandemic this breadth of worship has not been possible, we have embraced the new opportunities that technology has offered. Since Lockdown 1, as a Mission Community we have offered a Zoom Service every Sunday, members from All Saints participating along with those from the other benefice churches in regularly offering the Readings and Intercessions. A monthly cycle of worship developed across the Mission Community, continuing to offer a weekly Zoom service and when we were able, in-church services at each of the three churches by rotation, offering a service of Holy Communion. This was welcomed by a number of our members and also from members elsewhere in the Mission Community. Eucharistic ministry was offered by our Rector and also by our Associate Priest. Through engaging with Zoom in creative ways, those in our Church family who are too frail or who feel unsafe to be physically in church, have been able to have fellowship through worshipping together. The hymnal purchased in 2020 has been a real asset in offering music in church whilst communal singing cannot take place due to Covid restrictions.

The PCC is keen to encourage the creativity of lay ministry. Our Reader, Churchwarden and a previous churchwarden were involved in leading services in church at the beginning of the year. Our Churchwarden has continued to offer Matins in the periods between times of Lockdown which has been very well attended. Lay members also led in reading and intercessions.

Since Lockdown 1 whilst we have been unable to offer communal singing in church or the choirs from the three churches joining together in a monthly united service, the opportunity to worship in our homes through song has been offered by worship led on our weekly Zoom service through the keyboard ministry of the Dodbrooke Organist. On Christmas Eve we offered an in-church Mission Community service at Dodbrooke and a Zoom Carol service and All Saints offered the in-church Christmas day service for the Mission Community.

We seek to serve the people of Devon with joy, supporting our local community in times of joy and sorrow and that means being there for our local community in times of joy and sorrow. It has been a difficult year for so many due to the Covid 19 pandemic restrictions and we have sought to minister to their needs at this time. As well as our regular services, we serve the communities of which we are a part in the ministry of Occasional Offices, at the milestones of the journey through life. Due to the pandemic we have only celebrated 1 baptism this year.

4) Deanery Synod

Woodleigh Deanery Synod met in February 2020. Following a short act of worship reports were received from the Deanery Treasurer and a representative of Diocesan Synod. Future events, local, Deanery and Diocesan were shared. There were two speakers at this meeting, Jon Curtis, the Diocesan Lay Discipleship Project Manager who introduced a booklet entitled 'Grassroots' which was for Devon churches to use during Lent, to encourage discipleship. The three churches in our Mission Community made use of the booklet. The other speaker was the Ven. Douglas Dettmer, Archdeaon of Totnes, who gave an informative talk about General Synod.

Due to Covid-19 July's meeting of the Deanery Synod took place via Zoom, where Benefice representatives were encouraged to talk about what had been happening in their churches during the lockdown, both good and challenging, during the lockdown

5) Mission and outreach work

In 2020 our three churches were united in adopting a logo that expressed both the diversity and unity of what we are: The Kingsbridge Estuary Churches Mission Community. In the weeks preceding

Lockdown 1 each of our churches engaged with the diocesan booklet entitled 'Grassroots' which was an initiative for Lent to encourage discipleship and thus mission. During the year we have been working within the limits and restrictions associated with the pandemic and seeking how to engage with our communities. Work began on an A Church Near You web page for the Mission Community with links to existing individual pages for each church and a facebook page was created to maximise opportunities to engage in outreach and mission through the internet and social media. Our Zoom services at Christmas were advertised through these on-line facilities. Images that invited reflection formed a daily Advent calendar, posted by our Curate each morning throughout December. Volunteers from All Saints were integral to the Mission Community being able to offer one of our churches as a place of prayer and reflection by being members of the team that supervised this at St Edmund’s Kingsbridge which was hugely helpful to those who made their way to that place of stillness. A willing team continued until Lockdown 1 to offer the bi-monthly village outreach initiative Time-out established in 2018 which had a regular number attending. This will be a priority to re-form when it is possible to do so. The strengthening of links and relationship with the neighbouring Church of England Primary Academy has continued throughout the year. Whilst due to the pandemic there was a limited time to offer assemblies in school, this continued remotely, our Rector and Curate being involved in regular assemblies and a Christingle service at Christmas. At the end of the academic year the church provided each leaver with a Bible. All Saints was very pleased to be able to support the school during the year through practical and financial means when specific needs were identified by the Head Teacher. The church also gave generously to specific local, national and international need as it arose.

6) Ecumenical Engagement

As members of the local ecumenical network “Churches Gathering Kingsbridge” the benefice churches have continued to participate in events throughout the year by means of on line services and also involvement in planning meetings led by a member of our Mission Community who has the role of Chair.

Our Mission Community joined with the local Roman Catholic church for our on-line carol service on Christmas Eve.

7) Safeguarding

The PCC has complied with the duty under section 5 of the Safeguarding and Clergy Discipline Measure 2016. (Duty to have regard to House of Bishops’ guidance on safeguarding children and vulnerable adults). The Parochial Church Councils for St Thomas of Canterbury Dodbrooke, St Edmund King and Martyr Kingsbridge and All Saints West Alvington fully recognize and accept the House of Bishops’ Safeguarding Policy Statement “Making a Safer Church 2017”, and commit to complying with the current Church of England and Diocesan safeguarding policies and practice guidance. Safely recruiting and supporting all those with any responsibilities related to children, young people and vulnerable adults within the Church is in accordance with the House of Bishops’ Safer Recruitment: Practice Guidance 2016. We have a Benefice Safeguarding Policy Statement which is annually reviewed by the PCC and a Safeguarding Guidelines document. The Mission Community Safeguarding Co-ordinator and Parish Representative ensures that Churchwardens, PCC members and all who need to, have the appropriate training. The Rector and Curate are up to date with the level of training necessary in their roles.

During 2020 The Safeguarding Dashboard was made available for All Saints PCC. It is a valuable tool enabling the PCC to see what has been and needs to be done to keep up to date with ongoing Safeguarding requirements. The Dashboard enables a Report to be produced for each PCC meeting outling any work that needs to be addressed in this area.

8) Volunteers

The members of the PCC would like to thank all the volunteers who work so tirelessly to ensure that our church is a welcoming and open community. There are volunteers who are involved in so many different areas of church life and make possible our outreach initiatives, fundraising initiatives and social gatherings and make so many areas of church life possible. We would like to express our thanks to them all. During 2020 our churchwardens worked hard to ensure that when we were able to have in-church services, they took place in a Covid compliant environment.

9) Objectives and Activities

The PCC has the responsibility of cooperating with the Prebendary in promoting, within the ecclesiastical parish, the whole Mission of the Church, pastoral, evangelistic, social and ecumenical, and sustaining our beautiful Grade 1 listed building.

It was agreed at a PCC meeting that donations equivalent to 10% of church collections (excluding Gift Aid refund) would be awarded annually to various charities.

Due to the Coronavirus pandemic our Annual Garden Fete, held at Bowringsleigh, and our Annual Church Picnic were cancelled.

11) Financial Review

In 2020 total unrestricted receipts into our PCC General Account amounted to £33,696 (2019: £29,959). Payments from this fund totalled £32,533 (2019: £30,040) producing a net surplus of £1,163 for the year (2019 Deficit: £81). Our contributions to the Diocesan Common Fund was paid in full. Capital costs and any major repair works were financed by funds transferred from the Church Lands Charity.

A current account is maintained with Lloyds, through which the main PCC payments and receipts are transacted. The primary reserves are maintained by The CBF Church of England Deposit fund in the following accounts:

Account number 615093001D

Account number 615093002D

Account number 615093003D

Interest earned on the first deposit account is credited to principal. Interest earned on the other deposit accounts is credited to the current account at Lloyds. Under the terms of a Will, the sum of £20,000 held in the third deposit account cannot be used for eighty years from 1997 and the Church is required to maintain the deceased’s family graves with the interest arising therefrom. Any surplus may be used for general purposes.

Chairperson...............Revd Prebendary Jacqueline Taylor....

Date.....................25th February 2021...............

All Saints Church West Alvington Independent Examiner’s Report to the members of the Parochial Church Council (“The Trustees”) Year ended 31st December 2020

I report to the trustees on my examination of the accounts of the Parochial Church Council of All Saints Church, West Alvington.

Respective responsibilities of trustees and examiner

The charity’s trustees are responsible for the preparation of the accounts. The charity’s trustees consider that an audit is not required for this year under section 144 of the Charities Act 2011 (the Charities Act) and that an independent examination is needed.

It is my responsibility to:

- examine that accounts under section 145 of the Charities Act,

- to follow the procedures laid down in the general Directions given by the Charity Commission (under section 145(5)(b) of the Charities Act, and

- to state whether particular matters have come to my attention

Basis of independent examiner’s statement

My examination was carried out in accordance with the general Directions given by the Charity Commission. An examination includes a review of the accounting records kept by the charity and a comparison of the accounts presented with those records. It also includes consideration of any unusual items or disclosures in the accounts, and seeking explanations from the trustees concerning any such matters. The procedures undertaken do not provide all the evidence that would be required in an audit, and consequently no opinion is given as to whether the accounts present a “true and fair” view and the report is limited to those matters set out in the statement below.

Independent examiner’s statement

In connection with my examination, no material matters have come to my attention which gives me cause to believe that, in any material respect:

- accounting records were not kept in accordance with section 130 of the Charities Act; or

- the accounts do not accord with the accounting records.

I have come across no other matters in connection with the examination to which attention should be drawn in this respect in order to enable a proper understanding of the accounts to be reached.


AJ Babbage

Alan Babbage

63 West Hoe Road




Date:………12th March 2021……………………

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