Church of England Diocese of Exeter Sticklepath with Roundswell

Come in person or Zoom in.

17 Dec 2020, 1:45 p.m.

We provide access for the public to our worship via zoom or in person on Sundays, but we have capacity for only a few visitors in the church building itself. All those attending in person are required to wear a face covering (unless medically exempt) and use the provided sanitising gel on entry and exit. Chairs are placed in small groups of different colours to help households sit together safely distanced from other seating. Unfortunately you are not allowed to sing or socialise inside the church building. So, some choose, for those or other reasons, to connect up by Zoom using the link  but you will also need to obtain a password from the vicar in advance ( [email protected] ). You do not need a password if you are connecting via phone (only normal landline charges from your provider) using the number 020 8080 6591 (or ...6592). You will need to enter the number 7336597079 when asked, followed by #, and then # again after the next message. Whether you connect to our Zoom space by internet or phone, you will enter a waiting room, till the Admin device admits you and checks your sound is on "Mute". A red line through "Stop Video" and "Mute" indicates your camera and microphone are off. All microphones should be off throughout the service unless an unmute request is sent from the Host or one of the Co-Hosts of the service. 

Church members  read, lead prayers, preach, or sing solos/duets both in church and via Zoom. The words of responses and songs/hymns are displayed on screen. We upload an edited recording of our Sunday worship to YouTube.  Recordings are available to view on our YouTube Channel (type Saint Paul's Sticklepath Roundswell into the search bar on the YouTube home page) usually by late Sunday afternoon. Those on zoom or attending in person only appear on those videos if they are actively taking a part in leading the service or choose to respond to an invitation to take part. Others permitted entry to our zoom meeting space will be able to see you in Gallery view unless you click/tap the control to "Stop Video". This will not affect what you can see, only turn your own camera off, but the name you chose to type in on access will be seen.  You can see and hear all that is happening on a computer, laptop or tablet without a camera or microphone but to hear you will need either internal/attached speakers or a headset/earphones plugged in, or when you log in you choose to obtain sound by phone.  

There is no zoom link to or recording of our Wednesday 9:30am traditional Communion Service.

CHRISTMAS SERVICES - different zoom code for Christmas Eve & Day   and to attend in person you need to book

Our Carol Service this year is the Sunday morning 10am worship on the 20th December. As we are expecting more people to log in via Zoom (so they can sing at home) please log in using the normal code between 20 and 10 minutes before the service and be patient. We cannot guarantee to admit those to Zoom who log in after the service has started but we will try. All participants will have their sound muted. Please use the normal Sunday Zoom link with the password given to you. This service will be recorded.

ON CHRISTMAS EVE AND DAY ALL OUR SERVICES WILL BE LIKEWISE ACCESSIBLE (except the children's & families worship 'Zoom in to Christmas' which will have online access only) but you will be able to join us without getting a password. We will carefully monitor on line activity and remove any disruption. If you or you child(ren) do not want to appear online please leave your camera and microphone switched off. THE CHRISTMAS ZOOM LINK IS IN THE FORM OF A QR CODE show on this page and on the cover of our magazine. Use the above methods substituting the code to be 94836273791 in place of 7336597079. 

If you plan to come to church in person to our Carol Service, Evening or Midnight Communion or Christmas Morning Celebration you need to book as we can only safely accommodate about 40 people in church at once under the distancing rules for churches. To book please phone 376965 (Gita) or 529206 (Tom) or email [email protected] stating your name, which service(s) you would like to attend, the number in your household or 'Christmas bubble' who are attending, and a phone number or email address, to confirm your booking. Thank You.