COVID-19 - Attending church


We hope to welcome you back to church soon. Some of you may not feel ready, and if you have been shielding, are over 70 and/or clinically vulnerable with existing health conditions we must advise you to check current government advice and restrictions. 

THERE WILL BE A BOOKING SCHEME FOR ATTENDANCE. If you would like to come to a service please telephone either Andrew Tregoning (for Littleham services) on  01237 479459 or Rev’d Marisa (for Weare Giffard/Monkleigh/Landcross services) on 01237 239339 IN ADVANCE. If we do not have room for everyone we will repeat the service on a different day (the church will be closed for 72 hours before and after the service).

This is what you will find when you arrive:

 Please wait quietly, and be aware of social distancing from others outside your household  You are advised to wear a face mask (Govt update of 17th July)

 You will be met and directed to a hand sanitising station

 You will be asked whether you consent to giving contact information for the NHS Test and Trace scheme.

 You will be shown to the next available allocated seat. Please note our buildings can accommodate far fewer numbers with social distancing.

 Once seated, please remain seated at all times.

 Within the service, there will be no singing, no exchanging of the peace, no collection

 If the service is Holy Communion the priest will bring the wafer to you in your seat.

 Services will last no longer than 30 minutes.  There will be no refreshments.

 When the service is over please leave the building as directed by your stewards, remember to sanitise your hands again, and do not linger outside.

These measures are a challenge, but they are there for your safety, and your clergy and stewards must comply with all guidance they receive. Please respect others – we are in this together - and help them to help you.