Church of England Diocese of Norwich St. Stephen Norwich

Morning Prayer Meeting

7 Apr 2020, 3 p.m.

We've all struggled with the shutdown. It's made us rethink what church is about and how we connect with people. We've been heart broken to see peoples lives change so dramatically over such a short period of time. However we've also seen amazing resilience and perseverance as we have engaged with and learnt new technologies.

Morning prayer at St Stephen's church has increased in numbers, through the use of technology. We had 16 people attend this morning, reuniting members of the church who are self isolating, have moved away to different areas and are supporting family in different locations. What a joy it was to be together, and to pray together. We are a body made of different parts, but we are united in our worship of the Lord of Creation and our Saviour.

If you would like to join us, then go to:

9.30am Monday to Friday