Church of England Diocese of Exeter Milton Damerel

Help us to "raise funds for a new roof"

2 Aug 2021, 3 p.m.
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Our church is damp and uncomfortable to sit in for long because of water ingress from the roof down through to the walls and floor.  We have puddles of water to clean up after heavy rain.  

We have been raising money for our church roof for several years now - but it is never enough to keep up with increases in projected costs.  Our small rural community have and are  generous in their giving, however we need more money than we can raise alone.   £125,000

We are asking for help   - your help - please.  A donation can make a difference to the survival of our church.  Our community could experience the joy of a dry church in which to sing our praises to God.   A dry church would make a world of difference - please help us.  You can donate at - please find a PayPal QR code further down.   thank you.