Church of England Diocese of Exeter Lynton

Second week of Easter

Dear Friends,

For those who are finding following the text of the gospel for each day helpful, I have given this week’s readings below. The lectionary takes us back to early on in John’s Gospel to passages where Jesus talks of who he is and what is to come. The invitation is to look at these words with the hindsight of those who have become witnesses to the resurrection and want to reflect on what it confirms of all Jesus had said before.

This week we also see two major saint’s days: St George, patron saint of England and St Mark the evangelist. I have given the readings for those celebrations as well as the alternative sequential reading. The legend of St George, the knight who saved a community by fighting the dragon that haunted it may be a good symbol of all those we clap for on Thursday evenings who work against the virus haunting our communities now. St Mark is believed to be the first writer of a gospel – collecting what was known about Jesus and preserving it on paper so the “good news” could be handed down and prayed with by communities suffering the uncertainty of persecution and at distance from one another. As we use our Bibles as a focus of our own prayer and worship, let us pray for all our brothers and sisters with whom we share the text of the Good News of Jesus Christ – all around the world, and all who have gone before us.

God bless, Samantha

Monday 20th John 3:1-8

Tuesday 21st John 3:7-15

Wednesday 22nd John 3:16-21

Thursday 23rd Feast of St George John 15:8-21 or John 3:31-end

Friday 24th John 6:1-15

Saturday 25th Feast of St Mark: Mark 13: 5-13 or John 6:16-21


The Reverend Samantha Stayte

The Lyn Valley Mission Community