Church of England Diocese of Exeter Lynton

Third week of Easter

Dear Friends,

I have just had “Any Answers” on the radio and one of the discussions was what changes to the world we will see when we come through this period of social distancing. There was disagreement as to whether there would be noticeable changes, and how they might come about. One area of agreement was that there will be greater appreciation of those key workers whose roles we have relied upon now but previously have been undervalued. That does not have to wait for the end of these restrictions – hopefully we express our gratitude to all who are serving their communities with such dedication now.

The radio discussion parallels so many of the conversations I have been having with many of you through the last weeks: the hope being expressed that even in the midst of something we would never have wanted to happen, we can discover what matters most to us as individuals and communities and treasure these things as the touchstones of how we reorganise our normal lives. These are the glimpses of hope that there is better yet to come that guide us towards that “better”.

As we travel through the Easter season the resurrection appearances are moments like that: glimpses of the hope of what God wills for all of us which guide us into living life in its fullness and provide us with the assurance of eternal life. That’s why I really encourage you to find a story that speaks to you and respond creatively so we can display these glimpses through picture and word and object as Stations of Resurrection when we return to church. It’s a way of letting God weave together in us our Easter faith, and the gifts of new life we might find in the midst of our challenges now.

This week’s sermon also offers a more reflective task at the end to do this kind of exploration in our own lives.

My prayers, as ever, God bless


Readings for the third week

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