Church of England Diocese of Exeter Lynton

Fifth Sunday of Easter

Dear Friends,

This week I am picking up a change of atmosphere after some steady weeks of most people being reconciled to the restrictions on us for our own good and the good of those around us. With the anticipation of how these might be gently lifted there is certainly more traffic along Lee Road, and also raised levels of anxiety amongst the vulnerable and those in caring roles. Change of any kind is not easy so let’s continue to pray for our decision makers and those who facilitate safe change, that their work may support the common good. Let’s pray for all who are frustrated or struggling financially at the moment and are disappointed with slow change, and for all who feel vulnerable at any change at all. May we all be inspired by the spirit of community care that so many have demonstrated so far, to continue to put the needs of the weakest and most vulnerable first as the guide to what we chose to do.

On Thursday of this week people of all faiths, and all of good will are being invited to keep a day of prayer, fasting and acts of loving kindness for the overcoming of the global pandemic. As a starter for how we might join in, my suggestion is that we might all pause to pray in our own way at midday, perhaps beginning with the Lord’s prayer. If anyone has further ideas, do let me know.

Our Easter journey is now moving closer to the Ascension and Pentecost: a time of changing atmosphere for those who would become the church. As we pray with this week’s gospel which reminds us that Jesus is the centre of all we share, as members of his body let us pray for each other that we may let him provide reassurance we all, in different ways, seek.

God bless, Samamtha

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