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Ascension Day

Dear Friends

Tomorrow is Ascension Day. It is one of the great feasts of the Christian calendar and one that sometimes gets overlooked because it falls on a Thursday (forty days after Easter Sunday). This year, maybe we have a good opportunity to make it a special – enjoy something special to eat so it really is a feast day, dress up in celebratory clothes, make contact with those whose company you enjoy. Hundreds of years ago St Augustine said “We are an Easter people, and Alleluia is our song”. Ascension Day is a good time to put “alleluia” into action and do something joyful!

I have taken the brave leap into broadcasting on YouTube to mark Ascension Day.  It is a first attempt, and the sound quality is not great, so I suggest if you watch it that you turn the volume on your device up as far as it will go! I’m also attaching the words of the service to help following it. I am hoping to learn a bit more so I can do some similar things a bit more successfully for Sundays to come.

A more professional means to celebrate Ascension Day and the beginning of the “Thy Kingdom Come” prayer days will be available on the diocesan website, you tube and facebook channels:

Ascension Day Service to Launch Thy Kingdom Come

The Archdeacon of Plymouth, Nick Shutt, is leading a special Ascension Day service which will be broadcast at 10am on Thursday 21 May on our website, Youtube and Facebook channels. It features a specially written new hymn and was filmed at the beautiful St Michael de Rupe Church on Dartmoor.

God bless, and happy feast!


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