Exmoor Carolers

Christ Church welcomed the Exmoor Carolers for an evening of music and song. At the start of the evening, we were told that John Wesley would encourage his congregations to "sing lustily" and we should do the same. Indeed, there was enthusiastic encouragement of audience participation by their leader and musical director, Rupert Kirby.

Each item was introduced by one of the Carolers who explained the origin of the carol and how the Carolers came to add it to their programme. At the end of the evening, Reverend Samantha thanked the group and said that such events were an important part of the Christmas programme and the fund raising helped with maintenance costs of small village churches.

Proceeds from the sale of cds and the raffle were donated to the Carolers' chosen charities, this year Over and Above Hospital Charity, See Hear Centre and @www.ageconcernbarnstaple.org.uk. This evening, proceeds of the raffle were £142.

Thank you to the Carolers, all those who attended and supported and members of the PCC organising the refreshments