The St Giles Service

Christians from the earliest times have met together to give thanks to God for the love he showed us in creation and in the death and resurrection of his Son Jesus Christ.

The service was originally known as the 'Breaking of the Bread' but today we call it 'The Eucharist' which is the Greek word meaning thanksgiving.

The service falls into two parts.

The first part focuses on the Bible. It is a service of prayer, scripture reading and preaching, in which the living Christ speaks to us, as he spoke to his disciples in the upper room.

In the second part, Christ makes himself known in the action which he instituted on the night before he died and which ever since has been the central act of worship of the Christian Church on Sunday. In it he makes present to us, through the power of risen life, all that he did for us on the cross, until he comes in final victory.

St. Giles stands within the 'Catholic' tradition of the Church of England so all our senses as well as the intellect are employed in our worship. Bells ring to awaken us to the sacramental presence of Christ. Incense is used to honour Christ present in the scriptures, each other in the Sacrament. Candles and vestments are used to add light and colour to our worship and we are surrounded by the statues of the Saints to remind us we are not alone on the Christian journey.