Church of England Diocese of Norwich St. Francis, Heartsease, Norwich

Heartsease Community Money Advice centre now open

23 Jan 2021, midnight
Our services are entirely free and open to all adults. We will never ask you to pay or donate to us.

The service is locally based, your advisers live in the community and will deal with your case personally. That way we can build up very important local knowledge to help you. We are though part of a national organisation to ensure that we have back up should we need it.

Initially we can help you with debt or other advice over the phone or Zoom.

Once we are able to meet face to face, we will offer a wider service, including helping you with form filling. we will also be able to let you use a laptop or mobile if you need to sort out financial and other matters and have no credit or laptop.

We also hope to have open sessions where we can chat finances over a cup of tea or coffee with something to eat.</div>