Church of England Diocese of Exeter Roborough

Life on the Front Line

30 Dec 2020, 8 p.m.
What does God want to do where we are day by day? How might he use us?"

These are the key questions we will be considering as we explore the course "Life on the Frontline"

For six Sundays, beginning on Sunday 10th January, our sermons will help us grapple with these questions as we look at:

The frontline call: what is my frontline and why does it matter?

The frontline commission: what happens when life on our frontline feels difficult?

The frontline community: how do our church activities equip us for our personal frontlines? 

The frontline concern: how do you know what to do on your frontline?

The frontline cry: how does your frontline shape your prayers?

The frontline commitment: how can we sustain our commitment to one another as whole life disciples?

We will then hold a Zoom session each week to dig deeper and share thoughts. Zoom details are available from Rev Gary [email protected]

Please join in if you possibly can. It does take some effort and commitment to join in a course like this, but it's only for 6 weeks and promises to be fun, helpful and rewarding. It's practical, about our everyday lives and might make a big difference to the people we live and work amongst. It has the potential to grow the kingdom of God and glorify him.