Church of England Diocese of Salisbury Lydlinch

An Update on How We are Keeping You Safe

1 Oct 2020, 2 p.m.
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General Information

• We will not be able to sing together inside for the time being. Organ or recorded music will be used, but please don’t be tempted to join in.  When the weather is fair, we will meet outside church before and after teh service to sing a hymn.

• Doors (and windows where possible) will remain open throughout the service to improve ventilation.

• Services will be shorter than usual.

• Online services will continue to be provided whenever possible.

• Please bring and wear a face covering while you are in church, unless you are medically exempt.

• You will be asked to provide your name and contact details when you arrive for NHS Test & Trace. Alternatively, you can use the NHS app and the QR code provided to check in.

• Copies of the risk assessments are available in the menu.

Things to Remember

• For BCP services, you might like to consider bringing your own copy with you.

• Use the hand gel provided on arrival. Please do consider bringing your own if at all concerned.

• A member of the Sides Team will take your name and contact details on arrival to assist with NHS Test & Trace. A privacy notice will be available if you would like to know how this information will be handled.

• You will be asked to collect your own order of service at the door.

• No collection will be taken, so please leave your offering where indicated as you arrive or leave.

• Please ONLY sit in the marked and available pews. If no more are available, talk to a member of the Sides Team, who may be able to open up more pews.

• Orders of service will contain the information you need about how the service will proceed.

• At Communion, a one-way system will operate. Please follow the directions of the Sides Team.

• The President will wash his / her hands frequently during Communion services and you will be asked to use hand sanitiser before receiving Communion.

• Communion will be received in one kind only, with the President receiving the wine on behalf of all present.

• Communion will be received standing and the wafer will be dropped into your hand. If contact is made, you will be asked to sanitise your hands again.

• For Communion services and services where books are used, place your order of service in the box on the way out so that we can quarantine it until the next service. If you would like to take your own copy away with you to re-use another week, you are very welcome.

• Please don’t linger in church after the service. You are encouraged to make your own arrangements (within current government guidelines) for fellowship after the service.