Church of England Diocese of Leeds Settle

Newsletter (January 2020)

Dear Friends,

Happy New Year! Not just any new year but the beginning of a new decade.

One of the latest social media trends doing the rounds is the 10-year Challenge - that is, to post two photographs of yourself, a recent one and one taken in 2010. Many of my FB friends don’t look to have changed much in the past ten years and yet some of their lives have changed massively…different jobs, partners, families, homes (countries even) and so on.

A new year is a natural time to look backwards and also forwards. It’s a time when we reflect on the changes that we wish to make in our lives. I wonder what new year resolutions, if any, we were making 10 years ago? Can we even remember?

As we are catapulted from Christmas into the Epiphany season, our thoughts once again turn to the wise men. They had a plan… a firm resolution to follow a star which they believed would lead them to a new-born king. They must have put a lot of effort and planning into their journey and they came prepared, complete with expensive gifts. Expecting a royal palace, they eventually found the child, born of poor parents in a dirty stable and way off the ‘beaten track’. It was there that they were met by God - He does that! He meets us in the most unexpected circumstances and where we least expect him.

Warned in a dream, the wise men returned to their country by another road. We will all have taken routes that we never expected to travel, because life is filled with the unexpected: joys, challenges, tragedies - things that change our understanding and ways. When we meet God, we just can’t go back the way we came.

Wherever your 2020 journey leads you, however dangerous or exciting the path, let’s remember that we never journey alone because the Light of Christ is in us and with us - praise God!

Yours in Christ



Dates for your Diary

Monday, January 6th at 12 noon:  Prayer Group meets in the Lady Chapel at Holy Ascension

Tuesday, January 7th at 2.30p.m. – Bibletime at Limestone View

Wednesday, January 8th at 2.00p.m. – Mothers’ Union members meet in Limestone View for the annual Wave of Prayer.  Subscriptions (£24) are due.

Wednesday, January 8th at 7 for 7.30p.m. – Justice & Peace Group - Speaker: Alison Tyas, who will lead a discussion on 'The church’s attitude to equality & diversity’.

Friday, January 10th at 7 p.m. at St. John’s - Journey to the Cross - An initial meeting for all who are interested in this Good Friday (April 10th 2020) outreach are welcome to this meeting.

Monday, January 13th at 7.p.m. – Holy Ascension’s PCC meets

Thursday, January 16th at 6.30p.m. – Songs of Praise at Limestone View

Tuesday, January 21st at 2.30p.m. – Bibletime at Limestone View

Wednesday, January 22nd from 9.30 – 12noon – Parish Giving Scheme - A presentation and launch by Bishop Helen-Ann and members of the diocesan finance team of a new way of giving to your local church.  Free places may be booked on line from the diocesan website.

January 18th-25th - Week of Prayer for Christian Unity

Sunday, January 19th at 1.00p.m. – Jacobs Join & Unity Service HA

Tuesday, January 21st from 12-1.30p.m. – Simple Lunch supporting Christian Aid St. John’s

Friday, January 24th from 100h-00 – 12 noon: tea / coffee / cakes SCF

Further details of events during the week can be found on the posters.


The 3-Parishes Diary is attached below.  This has full details of our services and events this month.

Newsletter_for_January_2020, PDF