Church of England Diocese of Leeds Settle

Weekly Newsletter (Friday 18 September 2020)

Dear friends

I hope that you are well, staying safe and managing with the new six-person rule. Our churches are still open and we are still worshipping together albeit socially distanced. Although there is no limit on numbers for Sunday services, we still have to abide by the guidelines which means that face coverings are mandatory, hands are washed or sanitized and we have a one-way system for entry and exit. Oh yes, and there is still no singing or gathering for coffee afterwards. Regardless of all that, it is still good to gather to worship God in a sacred place alongside our brothers and sisters in Christ.

What a treat this week with the return of some sunshine. There is no denying though that autumn is just around the corner and my garden is showing all the signs. The nights are really drawing in and last night I had a meeting at Rathmell and it was pitch black at 8pm as I walked back to my car. I’ve always liked autumn, especially the trees and the wonderful colours. In fact, I like each of the seasons for different reasons. The prospect of winter this year is one of trepidation and we face the unknown in terms of what coronavirus might bring. Having such nice weather back in March made lockdown so much more bearable and I’ve even heard it said by some, that for them, it was a time of peace and even rejuvenation.

Isolation may suit those who like their own company or who are self-sufficient but there are many who need additional support at these difficult times. I mentioned in last week’s newsletter that I intended to say Thursday’s Morning Prayer online so that people could join in from home if they wished. I’m pleased to say that several people joined me on Zoom and we used the Celtic Daily Prayer from the Northumbria Community, which is a quiet contemplative style of prayer. On Monday this week at Holy Ascension, a Requiem Mass was held in memory of Elsie Twistleton, after which, her ashes were interred in the churchyard.

So, the rich cycle of church life and worship continues to evolve as we continue on our Christian journey. It may sometimes look and feel a bit different to what it has in the past but one thing never changes and that is God himself – ‘Jesus Christ is the same yesterday and today and forever.’ - Hebrews 13:8


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