Church of England Diocese of Leeds Settle

Newsletter (May 2018)

Newsletter for May 2018 from Settle Vicarage

Dear Friends,

As I write we are still in Easter Season, strange as it seems to the children of Settle primary school as Reverend Hilary continues to talk about the time when Jesus' disciples kept meeting him alive after they had watched him die. But that is about to end, with an equally amazing mystery.

This month sees Easter season end with the great celebrations of Ascension and Pentecost, followed by Trinity Sunday when the 'ordered time' of Summer begins. This year Ascension will be particularly special in our churches as Holy Ascension celebrates Ascension 180. We shall gather on the evening of May 10th as three churches with our choir at Holy Ascension, to celebrate, with members of other churches in our group, that mystery of the departure of the risen Jesus from the sight of those first followers.

But Ascension is not quite the end of our seasonal journey. That journey began in Advent when we explored the history of God's relationship with humanity from creation to the point celebrated at Christmas when God becomes a human being. A baby, God incarnate, is born into political unrest and religious violence, but brought up in a human family to live a short adult life of preaching and teaching, and, yes, religious conflict in an unstable political situation. Through Holy Week and Easter we continue our re-membering of that great story, God crucified, dead and buried, yet alive. Our enigmatic painting at the back of Holy Ascension church says on it 'between time we wait', attempting to capture the mystery of the 'now and not yet' of the Kingdom that Jesus taught about and calls us into citizenship of. His Ascension is not the beginning of the Church, though.

This year, as last, we are invited to pray earnestly 'Thy/Your kingdom come' between Ascension and Pentecost. One version of this prayer invites us to name five people we will pray for every day – it is one of the ways you might respond to the encouragement to 'bear fruit' (see elsewhere for the response card given out on the last Sunday in April).

Then at Pentecost our worship celebrates the founding of the Church, the ongoing Body of Christ comes into being with Jesus instruction to 'go and make disciples' coupled with the promise that he is with us 'to the end of time'. This year we shall be celebrating Pentecost together. We shall again be at Holy Ascension, for a service of wholeness and healing celebrating and inviting the presence of the God who comes to us in the wind and fire of Pentecost, but is also 'the sound of sheer silence' and in both, is our healer. Do come along, and consider inviting someone who might be exploring faith or be an occasional church attender.

Announcement made in churches on April 15th.

The Revd Hilary Young, currently serving as Priest-in-Charge of Settle, Giggleswick and Rathmell with Wigglesworth and as the Bowland Deanery Schools Ministry Enabler in the Diocese of Leeds will resign the post with effect from 28 July 2018 to become Priest-in-Charge for the Benefice of Gamlingay with Hatley St George & East Hatley, and Everton in the Diocese of Ely.

The following was also read from me

“I know this announcement will come as a complete surprise to most of you, these things are never comfortable, and I apologise for that. I do want you all to know how much I love these parishes and will miss being here when we move (which is not quite yet but will seem soon enough). I hope, pray and believe we shall all work well in the intervening time to make the transition to vacancy and beyond as good as it can be, I will be doing my part in that to the best of my ability.

I look forward to the next phase of ministry for me, in the Ely Diocese, with excitement and some trepidation. I leave here with sadness as our move south takes us away from friends here as it takes us closer to family, as Norman and I need to be at this stage in our lives. But in both leaving and arriving I am confident in the God who calls us into service and community, and that 'All shall be well'. Please pray with me 'Your Kingdom come' for both these parishes as I leave and those in Ely as I prepare to minister there.”

Most people now know this news, my last services will be on July 1st when I shall be leading all three services. My last service at Holy Trinity, Rathmell will be the previous Sunday at 10am, followed by lunch in the parish rooms.

During this month business will carry on very much as usual, though flavoured with work towards the coming vacancy. During June I will be concentrating more on domestic organisation, though still doing church business, in preparation for a move in early July, date TBC.

Every blessing, Hilary

The 3-Parishes Diary is attached below.  This has full details of our services and events this month.

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