Worship in church

We are making some changes to church services from 17th October. I am very grateful to the Standing Committee for taking the time to sit down and review our arrangements, and to share the burden of this heavy responsibility. Once again, we have tried to make small steps in a forward direction whilst acknowledging that the numbers of cases still remain high, and the duty of care we have for those who attend church (and those who watch online). We remained mindful that the situation could change very quickly, and it is better to take a gradual route of opening up rather than needing to scale back and stop things again. The changes we hope, will bring a sense of returning normality whilst keeping everyone safe.

As ever if you have any queries please do get in contact with me on 01202893197 or by email [email protected] 

With love and prayers

God Bless


Mask wearing

We continue to encourage everyone to wear a face covering and gel their hands on entry


There will be no restrictions on seating in church. However should you wish to sit socially distanced, the hall seats will be available. The hall is provided with two excellent television screens and full sound! Communion will of course be brought to those sitting in the hall.

Processing in church

There will be the return of a small procession.


We will now be singing the full set of hymns and the mass setting.


I am pleased to say there will be the return of the robed choir at the Parish Eucharist to lead our singing. The choir will be seated at this time in the front two rows of pews on the north side of church.

Music Group

This will return for the 4th Sunday, but at this stage only with non-wind instruments.

Readers and intercessors

For readers and intercessors there will be no need to sit in the front row. We will also return to using the eagle lectern and book.

At this stage we will continue to keep the service slightly streamlined by only having the Epistle reading.


This will continue in the same manner as currently. 

There is no obligation to receive the chalice, and everyone should be assured that receiving communion in one kind is, as it says in the Book of Common Prayer, receiving the full communion of the body and blood of Christ.

We will be inviting everyone to come up to the chancel steps to receive communion (either in one or both kinds).

Please keep distance from others as much as possible when you come up to receive. The wardens will help guide you. Please return to your seat as soon as you have received.

The priest and the chalice administrant will be wearing masks.

The priest will say the words of distribution to the whole congregation before we come down to distribute the sacrament. We will distribute communion in silence at the Chancel steps but do feel free to quietly respond Amen when you receive the host.

We will be wiping the chalice with antiseptic wipes but of course we cannot guarantee that the chalice is completely safe and so you receive the wine at your own risk.

We still recommend you gel your hands before receiving the sacrament.

Those unable to come to the chancel steps and those in the hall will have the sacrament brought to them. The priest will say the words of distribution to all from the altar. 


Please be assured that we are continuing the current cleaning regime to ensure everyone’s safety.