Church of England Diocese of Salisbury Dilton's Marsh

The Prayer Course - on Zoom

3 Oct 2020, 6:30 p.m.
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The book associated with the course How to Pray – A Simple Guide for Normal People is available to order from Rebecca at £7.49. I need to place the order by the end of the week, so please email me if you would like me to order it for you. You can read it, even if you can’t come on the course! I can arrange for you to have it as soon as they arrive.

The first session of the Prayer Course is entitled “Why Pray?” (Lord, teach us to pray the disciples asked Jesus). We shall unpack the importance of prayer and consider the different topics covered on the course. We shall watch a short video together and then have some discussion on the following questions:

What do you find difficult about prayer?

What do you find easy?

What do you mostly talk to God about?

Do you feel you have to act in a certain way before God when you pray? Why or why not?

Do you find it challenging to persevere in prayer? How can we be encouraged to keep going in prayer?

If you are coming, why not have a think in advance about your answers to these questions? We are hoping to learn from one another as we share together in this course.

We look forward to starting next week!