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Remote Funeral attendance

2 May 2020, 6:15 p.m.
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From a parishioner - 16th April 2020

Today was a first for us - a funeral under the new rules.

Just sharing how we 'attended' the funeral of a dear friend so that it may be useful to others.

We accessed the Team website for the funeral liturgy to use at home -

There we found a very helpful service sheet -…/Funerals-liturgy-at-home-public…

and a pray card bookmark link.

We lit candles, had the service on the laptop (can print too) and had relaxing music on in the background on YouTube.

After our home service we followed the link to light a candle on the Church of England website. (See separate notice)

It was very moving and made us stop and be in the moment for our friend, his family and ourselves.