Study in Bemerton Parish

Starting on Tuesday 23rd February at 7:30pm we have our first Spirituality Book Club meeting.

We are reading 'Naked Spirituality' by Brian D. McLaren. We will be meeting monthly and the idea is not to read the whole book but to read and re-read the first section of the book. We will then reflect and meditate in our everyday lives on what we have read and how we develop a spiritual practice through it. When we meet in the first week we will explore the section and the impact it has had on us, if at all.

We will then embark on reading the next section of the book which we will explore in our second session on Tuesday 23rd March followed by section three on Tuesday 20th April and section four on Tuesday 18th May.

Living in Love and Faith is a course we will be following through Lent but which will run again from end May to June and in September and early October. All material is available for free on The Church of England website or you can buy the course book from Church House Publishing. You can find out what the course is about by clicking here.

We are hoping and praying that people who have maybe felt rejected by the church because of fundamentally who they are will join in these study groups. We want to hear your story and we want to make it clear that you are very welcome in Bemerton Parish for who you are.

We also warmly welcome teachers to get in touch if you would like to have the course adapted to help you experience the wider picture of church teaching and belief when you are teaching 'what Christians believe' to your students. It would be great to have you join as part of our regular study groups.