Hall Hire

We are pleased to make our spaces available to the community. Please see the bottom of this page for our booking form and conditions sheet that you can download. Please submit all requests to the Parish Office.

Barrington Centre (Bishopdown)
£15 an hour, or minimum £45 (3 hours) for a party. Reduced rate for multiple bookings. 
Unavailable on Mondays up to 2.30pm.

Annexe (St Mark's Church)
Restricted use pending refurbishment. 

St Mark's Church
Please get in touch to let us know your requirements or pop along 11-1 any Saturday morning to view and discuss.  

St Andrew's Church & Curtis Room
We are taking bookings for events the church would be suitable for. Curtis room is good for smaller gatherings - under 20.  

7.1_Church__Hall_Hire_Booking_Form_2021, PDF