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Breaking Day Passion Play

As day begins to break on Good Friday, the occupying Governor’s tenuous grip on authority is slipping. It’s festival time in Jerusalem but his wife is plagued with disturbing dreams. Amid the demands of the Sanhedrin and the murderous cries of the mob, the lines between personal and political in Pilate’s house start to blur. The teacher at the centre of it all remains silent.

Confused by the hopes and fears of her people, a Jewish servant in the Praetorium, clearly knows more than she should. Pilate wrestles with a quandary of his own devising while outside momentum is gathering – the power of the Capitol in tension with the will of the people. 

With stark intimacy, Breaking Day casts a surprising light on the death of Jesus from inside the Governor’s household, immersing us in the decisions that led to crucifixion. Filmed remotely in an innovative lockdown style, Breaking Day is a virtual passion play for Easter 2021.

We invite you to watch this online with us during Holy Week for £10 per household or come in person on Thursday 1 April 7pm when we will show the play as part of a free Maundy Thursday reflection at St Mark's Church, Salisbury.

When you purchase a ticket we will send you a streaming code as well as a prayer resource you can use. You will have until April 15th to view the play. 

Purchase a ticket here