Church of England Diocese of Salisbury Holt St. Katharine

Life in Lockdown

3 Jun 2020, midnight Download
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From the initial filming within St K's, to taking the cameras out and about, the online services have become an essential way to stay connected, and we are so delighted to find that new people are watching from far and wide. You can follow our services on our YouTube channel HERE  The joy of filming outside, and the creativity that is flowing, is connecting us with God in new and exciting ways. Do take a look.

During the week we are "Zooming" for our prayer and home group meetings. Having learnt all about this valuable way of staying in touch - we are finding it a joy to see our friends and family, and to be able to study and pray together. 

We have been very aware that many people have lost the one place that they might have been able to visit for private prayer, or to sit quietly. With that in mind we have created a prayer space in the church porch,  and started a prayer tree in the churchyard. The feedback from this has been incredibly moving. We have noticed new prayers being added during the week, and heard from those who have found this to be a sacred and reassuring place.

And we've been busy in our community, helping with the food bank and setting out fortnightly activities for children. It has been a privilege to connect with families and help in this way during the lockdown. With social distancing in place all the time, it has still been wonderful to hear the sounds of children's voices as they collect a craft pack to take away and enjoy.

We hope you might come along on a Sunday morning and join our online service. Look forward to connecting with you!