Church of England Diocese of Salisbury Rowde

Come and Join us in our Services via Zoom

1 May 2020, midnight

Sunday worship – we meet online, using the computer app “Zoom”. If you have a computer, tablet or smartphone, with a built-in camera and microphone, you can join us for worship, Bible readings and prayer, and in the 10am service we also sing hymns. The links are:

Sun 3rd May 8am BCP Morning prayer

Sun 3rd May 10am Informal Morning Worship

We will use the orders of service which you might have received with this news sheet in the same email – please print out the relevant one before the service starts. They are also available on our website

under Rowde Church. If you can’t join us online, you can use the orders of service for your own prayer time during the week

Coffee and Chat

We are also meeting online for coffee – just as we do normally on a Tuesday morning, but you’ll need to provide your own drinks and cake!

Tuesday 5th May Coffee and Chat

VE 75 Day – prayer for peace

This week we are meeting on Friday 8th May at 2:45pm, to pray for peace, and to raise a glass in a toast to those who fought for peace in WW2. At the same time the Union Flag will be lowered in Rowde

Instructions for using Zoom

Zoom is a video conferencing over the web that allows us to meet up, see each other, and join in the discussion together, whether we are on a desktop computer, laptop, tablet or phone.

Setting up Zoom is easy, and worth preserving. Don’t worry – it’s OK to be late to a meeting!

If you are struggling to work it out, please get in touch and ask for help.

Join by Computer

1. Close any program on your computer that uses your camera, eg Skype.

2. Click the Zoom link from the list above. If you have already participated in a meeting, you will skip some of the following steps.

3. Zoom should automatically and quickly download to your computer, and direct you to Downloads on your computer. Click Zoom_launcher.exe to run.

4. Once Zoom has launched, a screen should pop up asking for your name. This will identify you during the meeting, so please enter something meaningful.

5. You should now be part of the meeting. Make sure you let the app access your camera and microphone, and click the green button that says “Join Audio by Computer”.

Join by tablet or smartphone

You will need to install the Zoom app ahead of time. Find it in the App Store or Goggle Play.

Once you have downloaded the Zoom app, follow the “Join by computer” instructions above.


The Zoom website has a very comprehensive help center. As we will all be using different devices, it is easier to point people to help here then to reinvent the wheel. Many of the pages are divided into sections for Windows & Mac, Linux, Web, Android, iOS.

The Help for Attendees Controls in a meeting covers Mute/ Unmute microphone, Strat Video/ Stop Video, Rasie Hand. Try here first if you are having problems with being seen or heard. Even if you can’t get video to work, you can still participate.