Church of England Diocese of Norwich St. Peter, Sheringham

Message from the vicar 19th April 2020

19 Apr 2020, 1 a.m.

<span style="font-size: 1rem;">This is the Sunday when we remember ‘Doubting Thomas’. Thomas refused to believe that the resurrected Jesus had appeared to the ten other disciples until he had seen and felt the wounds received by Jesus on the cross.</span>

Doubt is often ridiculed, but doubt is an important element of a living faith. Thomas’ honesty and openness in questioning his friends’ experience of the resurrected Jesus creates a space into which the Risen Lord breathes new life and new understanding.

This year, the week following Easter Day has been a great struggle for our nation. The tragic loss of so many fellow citizens to the Coronavirus inevitably leads us to doubt and uncertainty enters our minds.

This week we salute front line health workers whose lives are being put at risk due to a lack of Personal Protective Equipment. Yet, in the face of practical doubts and uncertainties they heroically, sacrificially care for those most in need.

Thomas’ doubt and uncertainty makes us all appreciate the reality of faith. Doubt and uncertainty is transformed by Jesus’ love for Thomas and his acceptance of our holy questioning on our journey of faith. Ultimately, we are drawn from honest and holy doubt into the resurrection experience of a faith made all the deeper for the struggle. Easter breathes new life into us all.

May the God of love and Resurrection breathe new hope into us all as we keep all Key Workers in our prayers in the days and weeks ahead.

Every blessing,