Church of England Diocese of Norwich St. Peter, Sheringham

Praying Today

11 Nov 2020, 11 a.m.

Here is Rita’s message:

<font size="+1">Morning everyone, thanks for joining me today. I have been going through my bookshelf and found a book I had forgotten – Responding to a World in Need by Nick Fawcett. It has prayers of intercession with different subject headings and, judging by my pencilled scribbles on some pages, I've found it very useful in the past when planning services. I thought we could use parts of these prayers this week, starting with today, Remembrance, but also dealing with the lockdown situation we find ourselves in now. So, let us pray:</font>

<font size="+1">LIVING GOD, we remember today the cost of war and the price of peace. We pray for the victims of war who bear the scars of conflict and those who have lost loved ones. 100 years since the unknown soldier was buried in Westminster Abbey, Lord, so help us to go on remembering, tomorrow and every day. </font>

<font size="+1"> At the going down of the sun, and in the morning, we will remember them.</font>

<font size="+1">LIVING GOD, we pray for all who work for peace; for world leaders whose decisions and negotiations affect so many lives. Grant that a way of reconciliation may always be found whenever there is the threat of war. Lord in your mercy, hear our prayer.

<font size="+1">LOVING GOD, we bring before you the sick and suffering of our world, especially those whose lives are overshadowed and changed forever by Covid 19. Give them hope and courage, and the ability to pick up the pieces of their lives and begin again. </font>

<font size="+1"> Lord of life, renew their strength and refresh their spirits.</font>

<font size="+1">LOVING GOD, give wisdom and inspiration to scientists and research teams who labour to find a cure for the Covid 19 virus. We pray too for those who unknowingly carry and may share the virus. There are so many whose lives have been changed for ever, relationships broken or jobs lost. Give them hope and courage and the knowledge that you are able to make all things new. </font>

<font size="+1">Take what is and has been, and direct what we shall be.</font>

<font size="+1">FATHER GOD, we pray for all who mourn whether as a result of wars or the pandemic. Hold on to all who walk in the valley of tears, that they may know You are with them, sharing their pain. Lord hear us by your grace and in your love, respond.</font>

<font size="+1">Psalm 130 seems appropriate today. “From the depths of despair I call to you, O Lord.” Because in this second lockdown, there seems more despair around than ever. But with the season of Advent not far away we can look forward to the Coming of the Light of the World in the Christchild. Even lighting an Advent candle can give us hope.

<font size="+1">Many of us will know the hymn Father hear the prayer we offer, not for ease that prayer may be....., so let us sing that in our hearts and minds this day.

<font size="+1">God bless, keep safe.


<font size="+1">Blessings</font>