Church of England Diocese of Norwich St. Peter, Sheringham

Suspension of Sunday Worship

1 Jan 2021, 2:30 p.m.
Church_news From_the_Vicar

Due to the exponential rise in Covid-19 infections and deaths in Norfolk, and particularly in our local area, the St Peter’s PCC Standing Committee have decided to suspend Sunday worship services in church until further notice.

The Bishop of Norwich has given permission to all Incumbents / PCCs to suspend worship whilst we are in Tier 4 or a higher tier. Given the demographic and general health of our congregation this decision has been made to protect you all and to support NHS services in the county.

The suspension of worship will be reviewed by the PCC Standing Committee fortnightly. We will continue to offer you support by phone and email as well as specific spiritual /worship support via our newsletter, website, Facebook and Twitter. You can contact the Vicar at any point and Jenny, our Parish Administrator, will respond to messages sent via the Parish Office. ‘Private Prayer’ will continue on Wednesdays between 2.00pm and 3.00pm in church because the number of attendees is significantly lower than for worship. Only 3 people may be in the church building for prayer at any one time. Face masks which cover the nose and mouth must be worn.

Please follow the Government’s Covid safety guidelines and look after yourselves. Tier 4 guidelines require the majority to ‘remain at home’ unless taking exercise or shopping for essential items. You are all in my prayers at this difficult time, but as we enter 2021, let us hope that the vaccination ‘roll out’ is efficient and swift and that we can return to some semblance of ‘normality’ in the months that lie ahead.

Happy New Year to you all and as we move through the Christmas season towards ‘The Epiphany of our Lord’ may we continue to support each other and our neighbours by being signs of light, hope and love through the care, example and consideration we offer to our families, friends and local community.

Every blessing,