Church of England Diocese of Norwich St. Peter, Sheringham

A Meditation for Holy Saturday - from John’s Gospel

3 Apr 2021, 8 a.m.

This meditation is in three parts: first thing in the morning, midday, and evening

Put yourself in the shoes of one of Jesus’ disciples. In the Morning: Read John 19.28-30 You wake (if you managed to sleep). Why does it feel odd? ... Oh yes! Oh No!! ... The death throes are over now, thank God. He lies in the tomb ... and all our work, our aims, our hopes of these past years are in the tomb with him. Gone. At some unspecified time, we’ll have to get back to normal ... picking up what pieces we can to build a new life ... or recapture the routine of the old one. But right now there is fear. People know we were with him ... ‘guilt by association’ they call it ... it’s as though we are ‘infected’ by him ... and that’s enough to get us killed! So today we stay indoors and wait. You pray: Commend to God all who have died, in love. Remember those who had hoped to be with their dying loved ones, but could not, or cannot. Remember those who have just laid to rest their jobs, their businesses, their hopes, their income. Read John 19.38-42. It was so unexpected. There we were, wondering what to do, and Joseph went ahead of us, approached the authorities, and got permission to care for Jesus’ body. And then Nicodemus showed up with a great sack of spices ... must have cost the earth, and together they took Jesus off the cross with so much care and kindness, and placed him in the tomb. These two! More or less outsiders! ... not real disciples at all! Fringe members at best! Pray: For secret followers of Jesus: those whose spouse is unsympathetic; those in countries where there is oppression; those who think they are not good enough to be seen as disciples. Those who haven’t quite worked out the details of what ‘believing’ means. For those who’s following is in practical service rather than declarations and creedal statements. Those currently caring on the front line. Those tending loved ones at home. Those serving in supermarkets, shops, charities, local and national government ...For forgiveness of our judging and classifying; ruling ourselves ‘in’ and lots of others ‘out’. For yourself and your loved ones, in this waiting place. Read John 17.20-26 Know this truth: You – yes, you – were and are carried on Jesus’ heart as one of his ‘disciples to come’. Dwell in this assurance. All is not lost M.N. Lent 2020