Church of England Diocese of Blackburn Accrington Saint Mary Magdalen


29 Mar 2020, 1:45 p.m.


Like all others, our cherished church building has had to be closed for the time being. BUT the Church is not the building – it is the people; it is the spiritual life of God’s people. In these testing times, we need to find a different way of continuing. Let us be encouraged to use this opportunity to pray, to act, to develop our devotional life at home, maybe to light a candle of hope.

In these dark times, but especially at this season in the church’s calendar, let us remember that it was from the shutdown emptiness of the tomb that God performed his saving work in Christ.

Bishop Philip is leading a Diocesan Coronavirus Task Group (see the Diocesan website) they issue each day a report. It is most helpful, both spiritually and practically. Here is a small section of the 27 March report:- At Passiontide we focus on the Cross. Jesus enters human suffering and pain and shows that such things can never triumph. In prayer let us place this anxious world at the foot of the cross knowing that it reveals both the perfect compassion and invincible hope we find in Jesus.

There are a lot of ideas for private worship, suggestions for reading, things for children, live broadcasts etc on the Diocesan website ( Try it and see where it leads you!

Here is a list of readings for April. You would have heard them in church –we encourage you to read them at home.

                                    Old Test.          Psalm                     New Test                 Gospel

April 5 Palm Sunday Is 50 v4-9       31 v9-16                   Philipp 2 v5-11      Matt 26 v 14-end

         9 Maundy          Ex 12 v1-4      116 v10-end           1Cor 11 v23-26      John 13 v1-17

      10 Good Friday   Is 52 v 13-end  22                           Hebr 10 v16-25      John 18 v 1-end

      11 East Eve         Job 14 v1-14      31 v1-4                  1Peter 4 v 1-8         Matt 27 v 57-end

      12 Easter Day    Acts 10 v 34-43  118 v1/2/14-24    Coloss 3 v1-4          John 20 v 1-18

      19 Easter2          Acts 2 v22—32   16                          1 Peter 1 v3-9        John 20 v19-end

      26 Easter3          Acts 2 v36-41      116 1-3,10-end    1Peter 1 v17-23   Luke 24 v13-35

To end, here is the Diocesan prayer from the Task Group :

Keep us, good Lord,

Under the shadow of your mercy

In this time of uncertainty and distress’

Sustain and support the anxious and fearful,

And lift up all who are brought low;

That we may rejoice in your comfort,

Knowing that nothing can separate us from your love

In Christ Jesus our Lord


Keep safe! Keep well! Keep in touch! Keep on praying!