Church of England Diocese of Blackburn Accrington Saint Mary Magdalen

July News

29 Jun 2020, 7:30 p.m.

As you most probably know, from July 4th churches have been given permission to hold some services. This does not mean that we should rush headlong into something The PCC is trying to strike a balance between people’s possible desire to worship together in the Mass and the need for continued health and safety precautions.

We have arranged for an 11am Mass to take place each Sunday in July. This will be a simplified version of our usual service and should last for approximately 30 minutes,

The priests are well aware of the precautionary steps imposed upon them in the celebration of the Mass, and we are grateful to them for their help and support.

The decision as to whether to attend and, if you do, whether to receive Communion, may be a difficult one for some. If you do come, you will be very welcome. If you feel you are not ready to take that step, rest assured that, as a member of our church family, you remain in our prayers and you will be very welcome in church at some future date.

Talking of church family, it was good that so many of us were able to bid “farewell” to Tom as the hearse left his home for Pleasington Crematorium. It was a wonderful show of support for Angela and a fitting tribute in these restrictive times to a dedicated and cherished member of Saint Mary Magdalen’s. Tom loved his Lord and he loved our church. May he rest in peace.

If you would like some pointers which we have put together about the running of the 11am service or if  you have any other queries, do please contact one of us

Lorna (01254 237362) Pat (01254 872273)

Keep well! Stay safe! Trust in the Lord!

Lorna and Pat

Here are the designated readings for July

5 July Trinity 4 Genesis 24 vv34-38,42-49 Ps 45 vv10-end Romans7 vv15-25 Matt 11 vv16-19, 25-end

12 July Trinity 5 Genesis 25 vv19-end Ps 119 vv05-112 Romans 8 vv1-11 Matt13 vv1-9, 18-23

19 July Trinity 6 Genesis 28 vv10-19 Ps 139 vv1-11,23,24 Romans 8vv12-25 Matt 13 vv24-30,36-43

26 July Trinity 7 Genesis 29 vv15-28 Ps 105 vv1-11 Romans 8 vv26-end Matt 13 vv31-33,44-52