Church of England Diocese of Blackburn Brindle

All age Sunday school activity (3yrs – 93yrs)

21 Nov 2020, 4 p.m.
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On the last Sunday of the Church year we celebrate the festival of Christ the King. We think about what Jesus wanted to be when he grew up, maybe a carpenter like his father Joseph, a doctor as he was so good a healing people, or a fisherman like his friends? However, Jesus was born to be a King.

We expect a King to live in a palace, wear expensive clothes and have lots of people who look after them. On their head they may even wear a beautiful crown. Jesus wore a crown just before he died on the cross, this was not a beautiful or expensive crown but a crown of thorns that was put on his head before he was crucified. Everyone laughed at Him and a sign was put over his head saying “King of the Jews”. Jesus was not a selfish and greedy King, he was the servant King who served all of God’s people here on Earth.

Imagine what the world would be like if we did our best to be like Jesus and love each other. It is because of this love that on this Sunday we say a prayer to …

… “Stir up, O Lord,

the wills of your faithful people;

that they, plenteously bringing forth the fruit of good works,

may by you be plenteously rewarded;

through Jesus Christ our Lord.”

In this prayer we are asking that God’s words stir us to carry on the good word of Jesus Christ our Lord. For this reason, today was the traditional day in which all in the family would help to stir up the Christmas puddings and cakes, hence the name stir-up Sunday. Christmas puddings contain dried fruit, peel, spice, sugar and so on. Traditionally there were 13 ingredients to represent Jesus and his 12 disciples. Each member of the family takes a turn stirring the mixture whilst making a wish.

Perhaps over the next few weeks it would be fantastic if you could take a photograph of you making and stirring a Christmas pudding or cake. This is open to any member to any member of our congregation young or old, on your own or with your family. Please could you send any pictures to Lynn. Alternatively, you could design or make a beautiful crown fit for a king.