Church of England Diocese of Blackburn Brindle

Our Christmas appeal update

12 Dec 2020, 11 a.m.
Have you read the December Brindle Voice? This year deprivation is so acute it raises many issues. We are supporting folk in need, in crisis or changed circumstances. Food donations continue for St. James’ Over Darwen. Our Christmas appeal reaches out to Rummage Rescuers who offer support to diocesan parishes. You may be supporting other similar charities and food banks. Please keep up this valued support. Deeply humbled by the work being undertaken by Father Alex Frost in Burnley, by Rob at Over Darwen and so many more, we know they are truly responding to the call of Jesus to care for the poor and needy and they are doing it in a practical way sustained by their prayers and ours. Please do shop or donate if you can. Thank you

An update in the notices, Saturday 12th December 2020.
Thank you for all of your food donations so far. Sam is going to the food bank drop-in for parishioners of St. James' Over Darwen on 19th December. Your donations are very gratefully received. If you have continued to put tins aside during Advent, or have more gifts to offer, please do bring them along with you if you have booked a church service Sunday, Wednesday this week or when our church is open for private prayer, Tuesday 15th December 10.30 –12 and Thursday 17th December 11-12. We will then continue to collect food donations during 2021, with the next run up to the food bank on 2nd January. Thank you.

An update from Rummage Rescuers, Friday 11th December 2020.
The teams at Rummage Rescuers send their thanks on behalf of individuals and families in need. Some of the recipients have already seen the overwhelming response this week and are so very grateful. Those referred by the Blackburn with Darwen council community connectors and other organisations will receive surprise gifts before Christmas. All those in crisis continue to have access to the Canterbury Street Warehouse thanks to the Pounds Pending cash fund for some of the most in need during the months ahead. Thank you to all of you for your fantastic support.