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Big Church Read

16 Apr 2021, 2 p.m.
From_the_Vicar Notices

<strong>I’m going to start the Big Church Read and hope that some of you will join me. You can find out more here</strong>

</strong>The Big Church Read is a way to get Christians to read the same book together and then take part in discussing the book. What it means, what we can take from it, and how it speaks to the Church today.

Every Big Church Read kicks off with an introductory video from the author. Then you’ll get a reading plan that paces the book out over a 4 - 8-week period. There is no need to rush through the book. You’ll be reading it at a manageable pace. At the beginning of each week, there’ll be a new video that discusses the chapter or section you’re about to read. You can watch these videos on your own. Alongside all this will be free downloadable resource packs and questions for discussion.

The best part is, aside from buying the book at a reduced price, all the resources and videos and guides are completely free. Once you have a copy of the book, you are ready to take part in The Big Church Read.

If you would like to join a church discussion group about the content of the book please let me know. The book is about how to pray and is a simple guide for normal people to help them develop their prayer life. It starts w/c 24 May and we will sort out a time and day that suits everyone to meet online.