Church of England Diocese of Bristol St. Martin Knowle

A message from Rev Becky Waring... 26th June

26 Jun 2020, 6 p.m.

Dear friends

Another week has passed, I can’t believe we are on the cusp of July although the weather and nature confirm it! I continue to give thanks for you, and to pray for you, hoping that you are managing to live well during these times.

As restrictions are easing we are of course beginning to think about how we will emerge as God’s church at St Martins. This coming week the PCC are meeting to try to reflect together on what God may have been revealing to us during this time. There will always be a tension between wanting to get “back to normal” with wanting to hold onto some of the things we have learned and that have been revealed that will enable a “new normal” to develop.

We know that in theory we can hold gatherings for worship from 4 July. I am concerned about how we can manage this in a way that allows as many people as possible to participate. Some of us will be choosing to continue to shield, some of us will be desperate to receive the Eucharist, some of us will be anxious about re-entering the church when it won’t look like it usually does, some of us won’t want to lose what we have discovered through engaging with on line worship. We are still awaiting guidance from the government and Church of England to enable us to plan to open for worship. In addition, the PCC will be considering four questions this week:

- what have I / we lost in the last three months that must remain lost?

- what has been lost in the last few months that we must regain in the weeks and months ahead?

- what has been gained in the last few months that must now be retained or developed?

- what has been gained that was fine for the season but can now be lost?

You may also like to consider these questions, and give me feedback on what the experience has been like for you, particularly when we think about being God’s church for the parish of Knowle. I would really value your thoughts, preferably sent via email.

Please do come along if you would like to a time of individual private prayer on Sunday afternoon between 2pm and 3pm. In addition, I also want to remind you that we now have a telephone line where you can listen to this message, as well as the sermon for Sunday’s act of worship. We’re also hoping to include options where you can listen to (or join in with!) the hymn, and the prayer. The number is 0117 427 0148.

I pray that as we continue to re-engage with society, and with each other, we remember the ever present love of God, steadfast and true, intimate and infinite, who was, and is, and is to come.

With every blessing, as always


Rev Becky Waring

Vicar St Martins Knowle

Area Dean Bristol South