Church of England Diocese of Canterbury Saltwood

A Message from Rev Barry

3 Nov 2020, 10 a.m.
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<span style="font-size: 1rem;">Dear all,</span>

It is disappointing that we face further lockdown in spite of all our efforts in our daily living and at church to manage the risks of Covid. Despite our hope it is no surprise that we are being ordered to lockdown again. I am confident that this is an attempt by the Government to slow the spread of Covid 19 so that we can make the most of the Christmas season. Instead of complaining like so many others we give thanks that, whether our leaders are right or wrong, they are trying to do what is best for everyone.

And so, our churches are closed until at least the 6th December. The churches can only be opened for funerals and so please do not go in. I shall make regular checks and if you have any concerns about the church buildings please contact me.

Each Sunday we will broadcast a service via the church website, and we begin this Sunday with a very special Service of Remembrance. An apt event that puts our situation in perspective.

It is only one month, hopefully, yet I appreciate that it will be a long month because of the dark days and cold weather. We have each other and we have Jesus and all that he has taught us about priorities and hope. We do not look to him to change the situation because he is looking at us, his followers, to change our own situation and that of those around us. I want to share the words of this hymn with you. It was written by one of the Godliest men I have ever met, John Phillips, and is set to the tune of Danny Boy:

I wonder why this world has so much suffering,

Why life’s good things cannot be shared by all,

Why some are strong, well fed, and live in happiness,

While others sad, diseased, and hungry fall.

I thought our God was one who loved all people,

No matter what their colour or their creed,

Then why can’t He do something for this anguish,

And use His power to help this poor world in its need.

Then in silence, God gives me His answer,

He says I once lived on the earth with men.

I healed the sick, I comforted the lonely,

I cheered the sad and fed the hungry then,

But now I have to leave this task to others,

It grieves me that their numbers are so few,

And to relieve this world of all its problems,

I now depend on people who are just like you.

Such truth. If we look out for each other, not just our friends but our neighbours too, we will see better times ahead.

God’s blessing,

Rev Barry